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Saturday, September 27, 2014

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Books To Go Now Best-Selling Author Angela Ford packs FBI drama/suspense...romance and an adrenalin rush!

"Forbidden" picks up where "Closure" left off. FBI Profiler Agent Jessica Resario has a new life on and off the job. A new case brings back memories of the past.
Bestselling Action & Adventure
Gripping FBI Crime Fiction grounded by an as-yet-unrealized love story…
Forbidden - Agent Jessica Resario thought she found Closure...she didn't expect a deja vu...Jess leads the team to protect a teenager from an internet predator and discovers that the past can creep back into your life. 
In this sequel to Angela Ford's Closure, where we were taken on a wild ride of action packed suspense, the ride begins again.
Throw in one old villain and one new and you've got an awesome read. The ending was one I was not expecting! http://getbook.at/Amazon-Forbidden
Riveting... Forbidden keeps you on the edge of your seat.
Book Trailer for Forbidden http://youtu.be/eYMyigkONM8

Angela Ford talks of her writing and about Internet Predators

I am a mom to two amazing kids. My home is always filled with teenagers and young adults. When my kids were younger and in school…I was there with them! I dedicated many years to volunteering within the school environment. I was honored to be given an Award of Distinction from our School Board but it is the dedicated professionals and volunteers that I treasure and will always hold dear to my heart. I volunteered as a parent helper, lunchroom supervisor and our school’s School Council Chair. Together with our local police, we delivered cyber-safety seminars to help educate parents of a society filled with technology that comes with online predators willing to devote considerable time, energy and gifts to win over their prey.

      Through my dedicated involvement, I was both educated and horrified but I was determined to help to get the word there. The Internet is a wonderful tool in today’s society but it has also given Internet Predators the advantage to hunt their prey at the click of a mouse. It was once believed that Internet Predators posed as children. Now they openly share their age, their intentions to meet and/or engage sexually. What is scarier is that children will openly talk. In a brave new world our children need to be protected. With thousands of chat lines on the Internet…danger is a click away! Here’s a scary thought – Did you know that nearly 75% of victims who met their offenders face-to-face did so more than once?

      My involvement in cyber-safety seminars gave me the idea to write Closure. The story is about an elite group within San Francisco’s FBI, known as the ISTF (Internet Security Task Force) who are focused on fast-working online predators. These predators hunt their prey through online explicit chat. Teens are targeted because they are curious about explicit material and seek relationships outside the family. They want to move away from the control of their parents and at the same time they want protection; they feel safe to do so online at home. Online predators are extremely dangerous; the internet has given them power and control.  Closure - With three murdered teens, Special Agent Jessica Resario is compelled to save the fourth potential victim, only to put her own life into the hands of a serial killer. To escape the danger she retreats to her family beach home only to deal with old ghosts and a hidden stalker in her past. Will Jess find closure and make that arrest?

      With many arrests and tremendous educational support to help stop Internet Predators…there are thousands more stalking the chat lines. Education and communication are the keys to help stop this abuse. Get involved and Talk…in your community…in your child’s school…attend a cyber-safety seminar o simply click your mouse to search for Internet Safety Tips. From what I learned through cyber-safety and my research for writing Closure, it is not easy to digest. Though it is a scary topic, I believe in the importance of this topic and continued a sequel called Forbidden. Agent Jess continues to deliver spine-chilling seminars to parents about cyber safety. One seminar introduces her to Tiffany Bennett’s parents who are quite concerned for their daughter’s safety from an Internet Predator. Jess leads the team to protect Tiffany and discovers that the past can creep back into your life.

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