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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gorgeous Jewlery Givewaway with Linda Nightingale

I have been told that readers want to know about the people who write this weird stuff.  So, I’ll introduce my weird self.  I started life on December 27th (year intentionally omitted) as Linda Joyce Brown in Anderson, South Carolina.  I grew up along the way and became a legal assistant.  The last position I held before retiring to write fulltime was with Legal Services at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  I am a mother, a writer and a lover of horses.  I spent many years in the show arena.  My Andalusian stallion Bonito was twice national champion at halter.  Our breeding operation was Camelot Act II in my hometown.  After the death of two of my horses from a lightning strike, I sold the farm and moved to Miami, but Bonito, of course (he was my soul mate) went with me.  I’ve lived in Canada and England, and now reside in the big State of Texas.   My favorite things are my two sons, horses, piano and gorgeous men with long blond hair.
Enough about me…let’s talk about my books!

I have four books available in eBook and in print, Sinners’ Opera, Gemini Rising, Cardinal Desires and my latest release, Sinners’ Obsession, the sequel to Sinners’ Opera and Book #2 in the Obsession Series.
Sinners’ Obsession was released in August by Double Dragon Publishing:
A frantic mother researches her daughter's flawed DNA in a race against time, suffering disappointment after disappointment in her search for a cure.

In this sequel to Sinners' Opera, Morgan D'Arcy, English lord, classical pianist and vampire, finally wins his Isabeau. Six months of painful separation have eroded Isabeau's need to remain true to her wicked bargain with the most powerful vampire in the world, Lucien St. Albans. During their estrangement, Isabeau gives birth to Morgan's daughter, Eroica—a DarkeChilde, half-human and half-vampire, outlawed by the Vampyre Code. She loves Morgan too much to live without him and relents to his enticing pursuit, but a dangerous confession nearly shatters their idyllic existence. In a dark moment, Morgan tells Isabeau their child carries a defective gene that will cause Eroica to go mad at puberty.

Eroica D'Arcy is the subject of Isabeau's deal with the devil. When their beautiful blonde daughter reaches her twentieth birthday, she is promised to the Dark Prince of vampires, Lucien St. Albans.

     Chapter 1
           Beaufort, South Carolina
In six months, the pain should have subsided.
Grief and sorrow still twisted her heart.  Isabeau clamped a hand to the burning in her chest and hurried through the darkness along the familiar path to the log cabin.  She’d grown up in Beaufort, but it no longer felt like home.
Nowhere does.
Only the whisper of the pines broke the silence of the chill November night.  Before she left the stables, she’d checked the white ceramic watch she’d bought on sale.  The silver hands pointed to nine o’clock.  In her jewelry box at home were countless reminders of a life lost.  She never wore the emeralds, diamonds or expensive watches anymore.  The jewelry he’d bought her glittered alone in the darkness.
Time had dimmed the exquisite, dreamlike happiness she’d known but not the memories.
Last month, on October 11th, a miracle was born.  Isabeau intended to breast fed her little Libra, but the baby had tried to bite her nipple.  Knowing who—what—Eroica’s father was, Isabeau bottle fed her daughter.  As Lucien St. Albans had predicted, Eroica was a female reproduction of her father.  She had his silken blond hair, his captivating blue eyes.  Isabeau had rejected Morgan’s calls, hadn’t opened his emails or the snail mail letters arriving once a week.  She was familiar with his iron will.  In every way possible, he tried to seduce his way back into her life.  If she’d heard his aristocratic voice on the phone or read the same lilting cadence in the emails, she’d have lost her battle against him.
But, God, it hurt.


My prize is a beautiful silver bracelet with turquoise accents (see picture) and a download of Sinners’ Opera.  In order to win, please visit my blog at http://lindanightingale.wordpress.com/  and find the answer to the following question:   In what year was Morgan D’Arcy born?   The answer is on one of the book pages found at the top of the main page, then leave a comment with the answer here.  Have fun and good luck!! 

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  1. Morgan D'Arcy was born on May 29, 1632 .
    I just love your book it is very great and I can't to read it♥♥♥ :-D