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Monday, September 21, 2015

ANNIVERSARY PARTY: Master Salvador's Dilemma by Clair de Lune #Kindle #Giveaway


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Finding the two subs he most desires to make up his triad is only the start of Master Salvador Belmonte's problems.
He has persuaded his friend Edward to loan him his gay sub, Olafur Jonsson, for one night, so what could possibly ruin that? Edward loves to play tricks and adds his old school friend, Rose Barton, to the mix. She is the woman of Salvador's dreams, but she flees after a misunderstanding, and it is only by chance that he finds her again. Then Olafur seeks refuge with Salvador and Rose when Edward cheats on him once too often. Difficulties arise because of Olafur's sexuality and Rose's jealousy over Salvador's role in the club.
So what do you get when a bisexual Dom, a gay sub, and a straight female make up a triad? Master Salvador's dilemma! The solution comes in a strange guise.


He took Edward’s sac in one hand and rolled his balls carefully. Edward enjoys a bite of pain, but I’d better not go too far tonight if I don’t want a flogging. He took the beautiful cock into his mouth and sucked in his cheeks, taking him as deep as he could. His head bobbed as he pleasured his Master in the way he preferred. Squeezing lube onto his fingers, his hands parted the firm, taut cheeks of Edward’s bottom and his thumb pressed inside, eliciting a deep moan of satisfaction as he located and massaged his prostate. Soon Edward’s hips began to buck and he pumped his cock deep into Olafur’s throat. Olafur struggled to accommodate him as Edward stilled then his legs trembled as jet after jet of hot cum hit the back of Olafur’s throat. He swallowed convulsively, managing to take it all. Edward bent over Olafur and held onto him to keep from falling over. Olafur was happy to hold him, loving the intimacy of the moment.
It was then that he again became conscious of the other two in the room. Hearing a woman being fucked was high on his list of dislikes, but somehow this one was different. The sweet sound of her sobbing moans didn’t offend him, rather, they increased his own arousal. He remembered the strange connection he’d felt when they’d exchanged looks. I’m glad that she’s getting her share of pleasure, poor little thing. I only hope that Edward will allow me my release, too. Edward stood up and, pulling Olafur to his feet and into his arms tenderly, he kissed him.
“You excelled yourself, love. I haven’t the heart or the energy to wield the whip after that. Come rest with me.”
He led him to the bed and, lying down, took Olafur into his arms and held him close. He petted and stroked his back as he kissed him long and deeply. Olafur forgot everything else, giving himself up to the moment of intimacy. Such moments were becoming scarce and he wanted to prolong it as long as he could. Edward’s strong fingers closed over his cock and began to move, Olafur moaned in appreciation as Edward pumped his hand then licked a slow trail over his throat and down to each sensitive little nipple, nipping at one then the other as Olafur arched his back into the caress. Edward continued down his stomach and finally got to where the Icelander needed him most. Just as he took the purple head of Olafur’s dick into his mouth from the other side of the room, where Salvador continued his ministrations, Rose screamed as she came. Edward swirled his tongue around the head of Olafur’s cock and dipped it daintily into his slit as far as he could, driving his man wild with desire. Olafur writhed and moaned. His groans of pleasure seemed to drive Edward on. He increased the tempo and Olafur felt the familiar tingles begin as Edward sucked his cock deep into his mouth. The wet heat combined with the joy of the increasingly rare moment of intimacy made his release, when it came, all the sweeter, and he shouted Edward’s name as he came deep in his Master’s throat.

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