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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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Thorn's Bondmate (Zarronian Warriors 2)

A woman on the run…
Reporter Daria Zane is investigating a story about hundreds of missing women when she stumbles across a crime that will get her killed. Pursued by the kidnappers, including corrupt government officials and an unknown Zarronian warrior, she can't trust anyone on Earth. Her only hope is to stowaway on a starship and reach Zarronia and Ambassador Valan Eirikson.
A warrior who doesn't want to be caught…
Thorn Valanson has spent several months assigned to Earth's security force and avoiding contact with the blue planet's liberated females. Bonding with one of them is the last thing on his mind. In fact, his personal history has given him a distrust of females and a hatred of spies, especially female spies.
A mating fever out of control…
Thorn catches Daria hiding on his starship and accuses her of spying. She can't be sure he's not the Zarronian traitor so she keeps her secrets. Their distrust of each other doesn't stop Thorn's mating fever from blazing out of control and heating up the desire between them.  

Story Excerpt (pg 13 rating)
Two warriors entered and Thorn acknowledged them. "Aulunson, I've caught our spy. Take her to the brig. I'll question her in the morning."
"Yes, Commander."
Daria recognized Aulunson as the warrior she'd flirted with in the transfer room. He walked toward her with two metal bands in his hand. She backed away from him. "Commander? I'm not a spy."
"You are as far as the Zarronian Council is concerned." Thorn nodded at Aulunson. "Continue."
Aulunson reached for her arm and she pulled away from him.
"Commander, please?"
Aulunson grabbed her. She shifted her weight and flung him away from her. The bands flew from his hand and rolled across the floor as he landed at her feet. Immediately, he jumped up, his face red with embarrassment as he came at her again.
"Stay back. I don't want to hurt you, but I will if you touch me," she warned him, as she moved into a more open part of the room.
He rushed her and she tried to knee him in his groin. He blocked her move and closed his hand around her throat and squeezed. She brought her arm up, broke his hold then whirled and punched her elbow into him where she hoped his kidney was located.
While her back was turned, Thorn grabbed her, enclosing her in his arms and lifting her from the floor. "Give me the bands Aulunson." After taking them, he lowered her to the floor then slid his hands down her body, holding her in place "Be still."
The tone of his voice froze her in place as he knelt in front of her. When he tried to lift her right foot she shifted away from him. He squeezed her ankle, sending her a silent warning.
She placed her hand on his shoulder. He looked up at her. For a moment their eyes met and held then he broke the contact. She balanced herself with her hand on his shoulder while he placed the metal band over her foot and around her ankle. He repeated the process with the second band.
A moment later he slid his finger across the top of her right foot to the small tattoo on her big toe. Two red roses, one in full bloom and one a small bud covered the top. They were attached to a green stem with three spikey thorns, one much larger than the other two. He lifted her foot and saw that the stem went all the way around. . He stroked his finger over it. "What does this mean?"
Daria blushed with embarrassment as he rubbed the tattoo she'd gotten while she was in college. "Nothing."
He squeezed her toe and looked up at her. "Tell me."
His eyes mesmerized her and without hesitation she said, "A psychic at a fair predicted that someday I'd meet the other half of my soul. She said that love would be my only weapon."
Thorn grunted then stood up. "A female's weapon—love, deception, lies."
Daria wondered who had hurt him in the past then curious, she bent and examined the bands on her ankles. They felt wrong and she wanted them off. She pulled on one, it stretched slightly, then tightened again to a perfect fit. Astonished, she tried to stretch it enough to remove it and couldn't. She raised puzzled eyes to his then glanced at his armbands and stroked her hands over her upper arms.
He stepped away from her.
Daria looked at him over her shoulder as Aulunson escorted her from the room. With each step away from him her anxiety grew until she felt paralyzed by it.

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  1. It's a great premise!

    Trix, vitajex(at)Aol(Dot)com

  2. Great excerpt. Can't wait to read Thorn's Bondmate.

  3. Great excerpt. Can't wait to read Thorn's Bondmate.

  4. This is gping on my tbr list.


  5. This is gping on my tbr list.